DateME Kenya Features and Prices

We offer three great membership options for our members:
Rafiki, Premium Chui and VIP Simba.

Get started with our Free Rafiki plan A limited account that's completely free!

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If you're new to online dating, our Free Rafiki Plan is a great place to start. Rafiki Members gain access to a limited number of features. Just enough to let you experience how it all works...

With A Rafiki Membership You Can...

  • Create a personal profile
  • Create your own DateMe ideas
  • Upload photos of you
  • Browse our members' profiles
  • Answer questions and see your matches

Upgrade to our Premium Chui plan From as little as Ksh 1,000

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If you're new to online dating, our Premium Chui Plan is a great place to start. Chui Members gain access to all of our basic features ...

1 month Only Ksh 4,000
3 months Only Ksh 2,400 / month (Save 40%)
One easy Ksh 7,200 payment (saving you Ksh 4,800)
6 months Only Ksh 1,600 / month (Save 60%)
One easy Ksh 9,600 payment (saving you Ksh 14,400)
12 months Only Ksh 1,000 / month (Save 75%)
One easy Ksh 12,000 payment (saving you Ksh 36,000)

With A Chui Membership You Can...

  • Create and attend fun events
  • Upload even more photos of you
  • Send and receive unlimited messages
  • See who viewed and winked at you
  • Add members to your favourites list
  • Full access to the discussions forum

Become king or queen of the jungle with our VIP Simba plan
From as little as Ksh 1,750

Simba animated

If you're looking for something a little more discrete, our VIP Simba plan comes with some great extra benefits.

1 month Only Ksh 7,000
3 months Only Ksh 4,200 / month (40% off)
One easy Ksh 12,600 payment (saving you Ksh 8,400)
6 months Only Ksh 2,800 / month (60% off)
One easy Ksh 16,800 payment (saving you Ksh 25,200)
12 months Only Ksh 1,750/ month (75% off)
One easy Ksh 21,000 payment (saving you Ksh 63,000)

Extra VIP Simba Features Include...

  • Incognito browsing (visit someone's profile without them knowing)
  • Hide your profile from everyone except your favourites
  • Hide your photos from everyone except your favourites
  • VIP Customer Service
  • Turn off ads

Here's a Closer Look At Some Of The Great Features DateME Kenya Offers...

Personalize Your Own Profile

DateME Kenya has made things easy. We have designed each aspect of your profile page so that it’s simple to fill out and allows other members to really get a feel for who you are and what makes you so darn special. The pre-set questions on every profile are quick and fun to answer. Additionally you can edit any part of your profile by simple clicking the "edit" icon. It’s extremely user-friendly!


Easy To Use and Stay Updated

Every DateME Kenya member has their own live newsfeed that keeps them up to date with what other members are up to. This offers you an easy way to see who's new, who's added new pictures, a new DateME Idea, the latest events, who’s checked you out and so much more. From this page you can also navigate to everywhere else on the website with just a few easy clicks.

Activity feed

Chat & Stay Private With Internal Messaging

Our safe & private messaging system allows members to communicate quickly and privately through the safety of DateME Kenya, eliminating the need to exchanging personal information. The safety of our members is paramount, reporting an issue is quick and simple. We empower our members by allowing them to quickly 'report' any content they don’t feel comfortable with.


Arrange and Attend Social Events

We all love to attend events, DateME Kenya encourages our members to get out there and be social animals by arranging their own events. Setting up an event is easy and it can be as BIG or as small as you want. Adding an event is quick and easy with the simple to use event listing. Attending an event is even easier, see the event you like, clicking on the sounds great icon to show your interest and get chatting. It’s that simple! DateME Kenya will also be arranging fun and exciting events throughout the year! Meeting up with fun like-minded people has never been easier!


Discussions & Questions

The discussion page is for anyone wanting to ask a question or talk about something they have on their mind. This feature adds a sense of community to DateME Kenya, brining people together to talk about anything and everything their hearts desire.


Make A Real Connection With YOUR DateME Idea

This amazingly fun feature allows you to tell other members what you (yes, you!) want to do on a date. Simply enter your Date Idea into the box provided on your profile page. DateME Kenya will then broadcast your idea to all the other gorgeous members to see and, when it catches someone's eye, they simply click on the sounds great icon to let you know they think it's a GREAT idea, you take it from there... It’s simple, fun and brings people together! Meeting up in person is what dating is all about! Do you have that chemistry online as well as offline? Do you have that super amazing special connection? We suggest that if you like someone then you should meet up for a quick 30 min coffee and see if things are the same offline as they are online.

Date ideas

Find Your Pefect Match

Answer a few of our fun questions and let other members know a little more about you; Your likes, your dislikes, what's important to you and what's not. Our sophistated matching system will then calculate how well you match other members based on your answers.


Plus much, much more...