About DateME Kenya

Welcome to DateME Kenya, a modern, fun, safe approach to dating in Kenya!

Our website simplifies dating, making it easier for busy people to meet other likeminded professionals.

Across the world, online dating has become extremely mainstream and is now one of the most popular places to find a new partner. It has taken the world by storm and now Kenya has its very own premium dating website that is safe, secure and perfect for you!

So What Exactly Is DateMEKenya.com?

DateME Kenya is Kenya’s first ever premium online dating website, we are targeted towards professional Kenyans and expatriates living in Nairobi and around Kenya, providing them with a place to meet other professional singles in a fun, safe, convenient, online environment.

In Europe, America and across the world, online dating has only increased in popularity over the past decade; it truly has become a modern day phenomenon! Advances in modern technologies and the fact the people are more career focused means online dating gives people more options; it opens up a whole new world that is fun and exciting, and for a lot of people leads them to their perfect partner.

Who Owns The Site?

We are 100% Kenyan owned! Our offices are located in the heart of Kenya, here in Nairobi and run by an energetic workforce who want to grow this website into Kenya’s best online dating experience ever.

We aim to lead the way in exclusive, premium online dating in Kenya and over time we plan to expand to East Africa and the rest of Africa.

How Did DateMEKenya.com Come About?

The idea for DateME Kenya came about after many friends and family in Kenya complained about not being able to meet the right people, after seeing the success of online dating across the world and realising that Kenya has still not been given the chance to enjoy this amazing phenomenon. So we decided to build one, and we are very excited to finally be able to provide Kenya with its first taste of a premium online dating website that offers quality, safety and privacy all at a click of a button.

What Makes DateME Kenya Different?

We are glad to say we are unique in many ways. First of all and most importantly we are a members-only site and do not offer ‘FREE’ trials or tasters. We are confident in the website/service we provide and know our members will feel the same.

Being a members-only site allows us to keep the site safe and free of unwanted guests. It also allows us to attract serious genuine singles that really want to be here and make the most of their DateME experience.

Extra privacy is available to our VIP Simba members who want to enjoy online dating, but want to decide who can see them and what information others can see.

Basic guidelines are in place so that everyone can have a fun, enjoyable experience. For example we do not tolerate anyone asking for money, spamming emails, pestering other members, inappropriate language or prostitution. We remove anyone found breaking the rules and have a strict no refund policy. These rules alone will keep a lot of ‘jokers’ away!

The site is full of great features for you to make your single dating life an enjoyable one.